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 About ASRI

The American Society for Reproductive Immunology was founded in 1980. The objectives of our society are to:

  • foster the development of reproductive immunology research,
  • increase intellectual exchange between clinical and basic branches of reproductive immunology, and
  • provide mentoring for new scientists interested in reproductive immunology.

ASRI’s objectives are achieved in two major ways. First, the society is the official sponsor of the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, which is one of two journals devoted to publishing reproductive immunology research. Prior to the founding of the journal, there were no publishing outlets available to the reproductive immunologists that were specifically oriented towards reproductive immunology. Secondly, the society has held an annual meeting since its inception in 1980 to promote exchange of scientific information and to foster mentorship. The abstracts from these meetings are published as a part of the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology and many of the plenary papers are included in the journal as well.