The American Society for 

Reproductive Immunology

Past Presidents

2016-2018 Nazeeh Hanna, NYU Winthrop Hospital

2014-2016 Kenneth Beaman

2012-2014 Udo Markert, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität

2010-2012 Surendra Sharma, Women & Infants’ Hospital, Brown University
2008-2010 Charles Wira, Dartmouth Medical School
2006-2008 Joanne Kwak-Kim, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
2004-2006 Peter Hansen, University of Florida
2002-2004 Don Torry, Southern Illinois University
2000-2002 Heinz Kunz, University of Pittsburgh
1998-2000 Subbi Mathur, Medical University of South Carolina
1996-1998 David Clark, McMaster University
1995-1996 Thomas J. Gill III, University of Pittsburgh
1994-1995 Joan Hunt, University of Kansas
1993-1994 John Herr, University of Virginia
1992-1993 Gilbert Haas, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
1991-1992 Judith Head, University of Texas
1990-1991 Richard Bronson, State University of New York at Stony Brook
1989-1990 John McIntyre, Methodist Hospital of Indiana
1988-1989 Neal Rote, Foundation for Blood Research
1987-1988 Carolyn Coulam, Methodist Hospital of Indiana
1986-1987 Sidney Shulman, New York
1985-1986 James Scott, University of Utah
1984-1985 Alan Beer, University of Michigan
1983-1984 Stanley Gall, University of Louisville
1981-1983 John P. Gusdon Jr., Wake Forest University

Past Presidents of ASRI, shown from left to right: 

Heinz Kunz, Richard Bronson, John Herr, Carolyn Coulam, Don Torry, Subbi Mathur, David Clark, Joanne Kwak-Kim, Thomas J. Gill III, Mrs. John Gusdon, Pete Hansen, and James Scott. This photograph was taken on the occasion of the 25th Annual Meeting of ASRI, June 18, 2005

Past AJRI Editor-in-Chief

2004-2017 Gil Mor

2003-2009 Kenneth Beaman

1981-2002 Norbert Gleicher

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