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Reproductive Immunology

Past Presidents Lunch

Enjoy a fabulous networking and mentoring lunch with ASRI Presidents, both past and current, in the Santa Fe/New Mexico room on Monday, May 18!  

See the list below of Past Presidents who will be in attendance:

Past President Guests of Honor in attendance

2016-2018  Nazeeh Hanna, MD

2014-2016    Kenneth Beaman, PhD

2012-2014  Udo Markert, MD, PhD

2010-2012  Surendra Sharma, MD, PhD

2008-2010  Charles Wira, PhD

2006-2008  Joanne Kwak-Kim, MD

2004-2006 Peter Hansen, PhD

2002-2004  Don Torry, PhD

2000-2002  Heinz W. Kunz, PhD

1996-1998 David Clark, MD, PhD  pending reply 

1995-1996  Thomas J. Gill III, MD

1991-1992 Judith R. Head, PhD  pending reply 

1990-1991 Richard A. Bronson, MD

1988-1989 Neil S. Rote, MD

1987-1988 Carolyn Coulam, MD

1985-1986 James Scott, MD

1983-1984 Stanley A. Gall, MD  pending reply 

Past Presidents unable to attend

1998-2000       Subbi Mathur, PhD

1992-1993       Gilbert Haas, MD

How to register

Tickets are $25.00 per person in advance only (no onsite sales)

To add this ticket, simply check the appropriate box on the meeting registration form.  If you have already completed your registration and cannot add this item, please contact

Past Presidents - In memorium

1994-1995 Joan S. Hunt, PhD

1993-1994 John C. Herr, PhD

1989-1990 John McIntyre, MD

1986-1987 Sidney Shulman, PhD

1984-1985 Alan E. Beer, MD

1981-1983 John P. Gusdon, Jr., MD

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