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Information for Attending the Virtual Meeting

Thank you for joining us for this years’ virtual meeting!

Please read the information and instructions below on how to log in, what to expect, how to find things, and more.

How to Access the Virtual Meeting Platform

One week before the meeting, you will receive an email at the address used during registration with instructions.

Your virtual meeting login information will be included in this email.  You must be registered to receive a meeting login. Presenters will not have access to their presentation without current registration. Registration is uniquely set up for one virtual meeting login for one individual. Do NOT share your personal login - it is not intended for multiple logins/multiple locations and will not work if shared.

Where to get Help

1.      Check Recommended System and Internet Requirements. Adjust as needed.

2.      If you are not able to login, contact the meeting organizer.

3.      If you are logged in to the virtual platform, go to Help.

4.      If this does not resolve the issue, go to the Lobby and use the Chat to request help from staff.

Time Zone Hours

The Virtual meeting schedule was built using the Eastern Time Zone. However, our platform will adjust to your time zone based on your browser. To see what time zone has been assigned to your account, go to the Account tab and then to your Profile. Be sure to remember this when looking at the schedule.

Itinerary/Personal Scheduler

You can build your own itinerary in two different ways.

  1. Before the meeting, you can go to the Schedule Overview on our website, click session, then use the “Add to Calendar” option to include sessions you want to see. This will export the information into the personal calendar that you use.
  2. Once the virtual meeting has begun, you can add sessions to your personal itinerary by clicking on the top left-hand button box+ within the virtual meeting platform. This option is only available once the virtual meeting begins. To find the info you saved go to Filter at the top, next to the Search function, and choose, Personal Schedule.

What’s Happening Announcements

There are a variety of ways to receive information during the virtual meeting:

Helpful Tips

  • Build your itinerary in advance. Read through the talks and posters and “Add to Calendar” sessions you want to attend.
  • Network with people you have similar interests in the Groups Chat Rooms in the Networking tab.
  • Be sure to update your Profile in the Attendee Portal, so that other attendees can connect with you.
  • Update your Twitter and other social media profiles in your virtual platform profile.
  • Have a file on your desktop with your contact information ready to copy/paste into the chat boxes.
  • The virtual meeting platform will connect you to Zoom rooms for Q&A. Test out your Zoom connection here:

Areas in the Virtual Platform

You will have access to several features that are available anytime. These include the Lobby, Sessions, Exhibit Hall, Poster Hall, Networking, and Account. Click around the Sessions area to read descriptions, presenter information, and decide which session to attend. You can look around the Poster Hall and Exhibit Hall anytime. Networking is to connect directly with another attendee, via Chat. Account is where you can update your public information.


This is the lobby of the virtual platform. Here you can see announcements and can check the Twitter feed. Use this Chat for general inquiries or to request help from staff.


In this area you will find all scheduled meeting sessions, such as, Keynotes, Sessions, Award presentations and more. This is also where you will go to add sessions to your Itinerary/Personal Scheduler.  You can add Poster Sessions to your Personal Scheduler here too – there is a reminder time block included for easy scheduling, however, please note that posters are available 24/7 in the virtual platform for your viewing convenience. To view individual posters, choose the Poster Hall tab.

Once a session is clicked into from the schedule in the virtual portal, it will automatically start live-streaming at the scheduled time. You may see a pre-roll video play while you wait for a session to begin. If it’s a pre-recorded session, you willsee options to play/pause/stop the presentation yourself.  Below is a sample of a live-stream presentation. We can see the presenter, the presenter is screen sharing a presentation, and we also have access to a session chat, list of other attendees, and the ability to participate in the chat.

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall is where you will see exhibit booths of our Sponsors and Exhibitors. By choosing an exhibitor, you will be able to see info about their company as well as email them directly or Chat. Exhibitors can share uploaded files, videos, and add social media links as well.

Poster Hall

The Poster Hall includes all posters that will be presented at the meeting. Click on an e-Poster to see their author list, affiliations, abstract, PDF slide image, and video that some may provide. You can start a Chat with each presenter or email them. They may also provide Social Media and website links. Use the Search function to find specific posters by number or title.


The Networking tab is a way to direct chat with an attendee by name. It also has Group Chat rooms, to network with people of similar interests.


This tab allows you to update your profile, picture, social media, see time zone, change password, upload files, and more. You can Chat directly by Private Chat with other attendees or for Group Chat. The groups can be made for keyword interest group other options.

Info about Poster Presentations

  1. Virtual Platform Poster Hall - Your e-Poster will be housed in the virtual platform, Pheedloop, in the Poster Hall. This is where people can come to read your abstract, look at the poster pdf, watch your video, and Chat with you anytime during the meeting hours. 
  2. You must upload your poster PDF by 4/15/21. There will be no changes after this date. A welcome email was sent to you on April 5 with information on how to login and upload your presentation.

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