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Reproductive Immunology

Submission Instructions

The deadline to submit is APRIL 1, 2021.

Scientific Image Competition

This competition was created by the members of the ASRI Program Committee to promote advancement in imaging technology in the field of reproductive immunology and to appreciate the beautiful complexity that goes on within our systems.

To participate in the competition, submit a scientific image related to the field of reproductive immunology that exemplifies "Science as Art" prior to the deadline.

Competition Requirements

  1. Image must be taken using scientific equipment
  2. Must be a registered attendee for the 2020 Annual Meeting
  3. Maximum of 3 images allowed per attendee
  4. Image must be over 600dpi resolution in PNG or TIF format
  5. Include an artistic title - get creative!
  6. Description of the image must be included.  Max.30 words

Award Selection

The Program Committee will select the best images to be posted on the ASRI web site as top finalists.  The finalists' images will be displayed in a gallery at the ASRI 2020 meeting for the duration of the conference.  All of the conference participants attending the meeting will have a chance to vote on their favorite selection. 

The winning image will receive a 1 year membership in ASRI and a certificate of recognition at the Awards Gala Dinner.

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