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Scientific Sessions

WEdnesday, June 27

2:00-8:00 PM   Registration

Thursday, June 28 - CLINICAL SYMPOSIUM*

7:30 AM-8:00 PM Registration                                                                                                                             *PPT in English; Talks in Chinese

Management of Reproductive Immunology and Its New Strategy

8:15-8:30   Welcome Address - Dr. DaJin Li & Mei-Rong Du

8:30-10:00 CS1: Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion I

  1. Reproductive Immunology - DaJin Li
  2. POF - YY Qin 
  3. PCOS - Wei Zhang

10:00-10:20   Coffee Break

10:20-11:50  CS2: Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion II

  1. RSA - JP Zhang
  2. RSA - AM Zhao
  3. Perimenopause - Ling Wang

12:00-1:00 Lunch Break

1:00-3:00  CS3: Repeated Implantation Failures I

            1. YH Huang
            2. Yong Zeng
            3. JM Chen
            4. Yun Sun

3:00-3:10 Coffee Break

3:10-4:10 CS4: Repeated Implantation Failures I

            1. Jing Yang
            2. Qiong Wang

Thursday, June 28 - Annual Meeting

ASRI-CSI Joint Congress Opening

4:45-5:00 Welcome and Announcements

Meeting Chairs’ Greeting - Dr. DaJin Li     President of ASRI - Dr. Nazeeh Hanna

5:00-6:00     KN: Keynote Address - Sumati Rajagopalan, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

6:30 Reception & Dinner

Friday, June 29 - ANNUAL MEETING

7:30-12:00 PM      Registration

8:00-8:30   Opening Ceremony 

8:30-10:00 S1: Presidential Session    Chairs: Dajin Li, Nazeeh Hanna

          1. Natural killer cells and vascular remodeling at the maternal fetal interface - Sherin Devaskar, UCLA Health
          2. Preventing Prematurity: New Insights from Genomics - Louis Muglia, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

10:00-10:20 Coffee Break

10:20-12:00 S2: John Gusdon Award Competition Presentations Chairs: TBA

12:00-1:00    Lunch Break

1:00-3:00 S3: Frontier Progress in Immunology Chairs: TBA

  1. Control of T cells in inflammation and cancer - C. Dong
  2. A New Subset of CD8 T cell - YZ Wu
  3. Chemoresistant ovarian cancer: exosome-mediated immune cell - tumor cell crosstalk in the tumor microenvironment - Benjamin Sun, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  4. Getting Rid of Old Thoughts: The New Facets of the Testicular Immune System - Andreas Meinhardt, University of Giessen

3:00-3:15 Coffee Break

3:15-5:55 S4: Award Lectures Chairs: Gil Mor, Jeffrey Braverman

  1. AJRI Award Lecture - Charu Kaushic
  2. Braverman Award Lecture: miRNAs, New Players in the Endotoxin Tolerance Game - Caterina Tiozzo, NYU Winthrop Hospital

6:30 Welcome Dinner with Entertainment

Saturday, June 30 - ANNUAL MEETING

8:00-8:30   Morning Announcements


B1: Novel Aspects of Maternal-Fetal Immune Regulation I  

Chairs: Aihua Liao, Shigeru Saito

  1. The PD-1 signal regulates macrophage polarization by reprogramming metabolic pathways to facilitate pregnancy establishment - Aihua Liao, Huazhong University
  2. TBA - Shigeru Saito, University of Toyama
  3. Miscarriage induced by activated innate immune cells in mice - Yakasuki Negishi, Nihon Medical University
  4. Role of ionized magnesium testing in pre-eclampsia - Evan Ntrivalas, Nova Biomedical

B2: Reproductive Endocrine-Metabolo-Immunology Networks I    

Chairs: Z Chen, Gil Mor

  1. Inflammation and implantation: an evolutionary need for the success of pregnancy - Gil Mor, Yale University
  2. TBA - ZJ Chen

B3: Immunology of Implantation and Assisted Reproductive Technology   

Chairs: YQ Yao, Joanne Kwak-Kim

  1. TBA - YQ Yao
  2. Joanne-Kwak Kim, Rosalind Franklin University
  3. TBA - Kenji Tanimura, Kobe University
  4. The role of IL-22 cytokine in cycling endometrium and in pregnancy - Svetlana Dambaeva, Rosalind Franklin University

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

12:00-1:00     Lunch Break


B7: Microbes and Mucosal Immunology in Reproductive Tract   

Chairs: ZL Yin, Raina Fichorova

  1. TBA - Raina Fichorova, Harvard University
  2. TBA - ZL Yin
  3. TBA - Udo Markert, Universitats Klinikum Jena
  4. TBA - Charles Wira, Dartmouth University

B8: Tumor Immunology in Reproductive System and Others Chairs: XJ Chen, Benjamin Tsang

  1. TBA - Benjamin Tsang
  2. TBA - XJ Chen
  3. The role of autophagy in pregnancy complications - Akitoshi Nakashima, University of Toyama
  4. TBA - Petra Arck

B9: HIV and Reproductive Tract Immunity     Chairs: Charles Wira

  1.  - Charles Wira, Dartmouth University
  2.  Semen immunology, reproduction and HIV - Nadia Roan, University of San Francisco
  3. The virtue of simplicity: the vaginal microbiome, genital inflammation and HIV risk - Doug Kwon, Harvard University

  4. TBA - Jo-Ann Passmore, University of Cape Town
  5. The role of neutrophils in protection against HIV infection in the female genital tract - Marta Rodriguez Garcia, Dartmouth University

3:30-3:45 Coffee Break

3:45-5:30 Poster Viewing/Presentations by Authors

3:45-5:00  AJRI Editorial Meeting

6:30 Gala Dinner Cruise

Sunday, July 1 - Annual Meeting


B10: The Male Reproductive Immunology I

Chairs: Yong-Gang Duan, TBA

  1. TBA 
  2. TBA - Monika Fijak, University of Giessen
  3. TBA - Daishu Han, Peking Union Medical College
  4. The Immune Response in Pregnancy begins before Fertilization - Ken Beaman, Rosalind Franklin University

B11: Traditional Chinese Medicine in Reproductive Immunology I 

Chairs: HL Du, F Lian

  1. The intestinal flora characteristics of endometriosis and intervention of traditional Chinese medicine - CQ Yu
  2. Study of the regulation of reproductive immunity by Chinese medicine - HL Du
  3. TBA - SP Luo
  4. TBA - F Lian

B12: Immune-Related Pregnancy Complications I 

Chairs: AM Zhao, Surendra Sharma

  1. TBA - Surendra Sharma, Women & Infants Hospital
  2. TBA - AM Zhao
  3. Placenta-specific miR-519c-mediated induction of endotoxin tolerance in human placenta - Nazeeh Hanna, NYU Winthrop Hospital
  4. TBA - Takeshi Nagamatsu,University of Tokyo 

10:00-10:15 Coffee Break


B13: The Male Reproductive Immunology I

Chairs: Cheng Xu

  1. TBA - Cheng Xu
  2. TBA

B14: Traditional Chinese Medicine in Reproductive Immunology II 

Chairs: CQ Yu, Ling Wang

  1. TBA - MM Zhang
  2. Chinese herbal formula BSNXD prevents bone loss by modulating T cells and cytokine production in the OVX-mouse model for postmenopausal osteoporosis - Ling Wang

B15: Immune-Related Pregnancy Complications II  

Chairs: Y Lin, Irina Burd

  1. TBA - Irina Burd, Johns Hopkins University
  2. Cervical Viral Infection During Pregnancy - Karen Racicot, Michigan State University
  3. TBA - Y Lin

12:00-1:00 Lunch Break

1:00-2:00  Closing Ceremony

  • Closing Keynote Address: Meirong Du
  • Closing Remarks - Nazeeh Hanna

2:30-4:00 ASRI Council Meeting II

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