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The ASRI Awards Committee seeks nominations for three awards to be presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting: 

1.         ASRI Distinguished Service Award

This award is given periodically and not more than annually, to a standing member of ASRI who has provided distinguished service to advance the goals and mission of the society.  Nominees for the ASRI Service Award MUST BE ASRI MEMBERS.

2.         American Journal of Reproductive Immunology Award

The American Journal of Reproductive Immunology Award is the highest award presented to a senior level investigator who has made outstanding and lasting contributions to the area of reproductive immunology. Contributions can be in the area of clinical or basic research and awardees DO NOT need to be members of the ASRI.  This is award is supported by Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.

3.       Herr Award

This award is given annually to a member of ASRI, International Society for Immunology of Reproduction, or European Society for Reproductive Immunology, typically in the first 10-15 years beyond accepting a faculty position, who has made outstanding achievements in basic or applied research in reproductive immunology, particularly for investigators involved in technology transfer.

Nominations for all awards are requested by March 1, 2019.  Extended to APRIL 15

Nomination Form

Awardees will be announced at the annual meeting.  Please visit our website for continuous updates on the meeting.

On behalf of the ASRI Awards committee, we look forward to your assistance in recognizing those that have significantly impacted the world of reproductive immunology.  Thank you for your cooperation.



ASRI Award Committee

Chair: Don Torry       

Members: Joanne Kwak-Kim, Vikki Abrahams, Nardhy Gomez-Lopez, Liang-Hui Diao, Meredith Kelleher, Aihua Liao


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