Committees (2016-2018)

Nomination Committee:

The Nomination Committee’s duties are to select candidates for officer and councillor positions. The committee is composed of the Past President (Chairman) and two members of the Society appointed by the President, of whom at least one is not a member of the Executive Council. The committee is mandated by the constitution to call for nomination of candidates from the membership not less than four (4) months prior to the annual general meeting of the society and to propose two or three candidates for each of the positions of President-Elect and Secretary. The Treasurer may be proposed for a second three year term unopposed if he or she is willing, otherwise two or three candidates will be proposed for the position of Treasurer. The candidates for President-Elect must have served previously as an Officer or Councillor for at least two years or as the chairman of the Organizing Committee for an annual meeting. All nominees must confirm their willingness to stand for office. Each candidate must be nominated and seconded by two paid-up members of the Society, be members of the Society and provide written confirmation of his or her willingness to stand for election. Each candidate must provide a short resume of his or her qualifications and experience, and this summary will be included in the ballot.

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Awards Committee:

The Awards Committee duties are to choose recipients for the Blackwell Munskgaard Award, Herr Award, Distinguished Service Award, and Gusdon Award (previously New Investigator Award). A notice regarding the awards should be placed in the winter newsletter and also e-mailed to the membership in time for a selection of awardees no later than April 1. The Chair of the committee should also make arrangements with the President to have plaques and honoraria prepared, prepare 500 word biographies of the awardees with a photograph for publication in AJRI, and prepare a citation to be read for each awardee at the awards banquet. For the Gusdon Award, a two-part process is involved. The Program Committee scores all of the abstracts submitted for the meeting and selects the top 6 or so student papers for oral presentation at the meeting. It is the Awards Committee’s job to hear the presentations and then get together as soon as possible, and not later than several hours before the banquet, to select a finalist.

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Program Committee:

The Program Committee has overall responsibility for organizing the scientific program of the Annual Meeting. The program should be approved by the Executive Council. The committee also selects the top six candidates for the Gusdon Award and ensures that these finalists are scheduled for an oral presentation no later than one day before the awards banquet.

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ASRI 2017 Program Committee Members

Janice Bahr
Kenneth Beaman
Irina Burd
Svetlana Dambaeva
Mercy Prabhus Das-planner
Atsushi Fukui
Rayna Fitchorova
Alice Gilman-Sachs
Dale Hales
Nazeeh Hanna
Peter Hansen
Rayna Fitchorova
Sung Ki Lee
Da-Jin Li
Udo Markert
Evangelos Ntrivalas
Surendra Sharma
Chandrakant Tayade
Tatsuo Yamamoto
Nanbert Zhong
Gil Mor


Publication Committee:

Duties are to provide input to the Executive Council on issues related to the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology. Among other activities, the Committee shall recommend to the Executive Council candidates for the AJRI Editor and make recommendations regarding editorial policy and fiscal matters related to publications. The Publications Committee consists of a chairman, two members appointed by the President and  the President as an ex officio member.

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Membership Committee:

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Web Site Committee:

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Social Media Committee:

The Social Media Committee’s duties are to build awareness of the society, the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology and the field of reproductive immunology through use of social media. The committee will manage social media accounts and highlight relevant reproductive immunology information as well as advertise coming opportunities.

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Fundraising Committee:

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Emphasis on Clinical Reproductive Immunology Committee:

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International Liaison Committee:

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